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In addition to the mixed meetings, NWSW runs days just

these days follow the same foremat as the days for men & women, however they offer an opportunity to netwalk, just with women . .

and         . .  like many women,

women only days . .

. . there are times when I simply adore men . .  

         & the many fun things we can do together . .

landgirls drinking tea (3) Women and drums (2)

 . . however there are also times, when we feel the need to have our feminine nature's reflected back to us, not to mention of course, just wanting to bang our own drum . .  

NWSW offers fresh air, a little exercise, and the opportunity

to meet other women in business in an encouraging atmosphere,

all in one neat package!

. . and simply do that together, as women.

tel. +44(0)1173779231

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for women

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. . dance to our own tune . .



Thursday 30th Jan 14 ~ Women Only Netwalk  

Raising out Business Profile in 2014  


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