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netwalking south west

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who is it for?

NWSW runs in house netwalking events, mixed and women only days,in addition to bespoke events . .


NWSW is particularly keen to work

with companies and organisations who are


  • improve and enrich dialogue between employees/participants

  • considering their carbon footprint

  • concened about their sustainability

  • interested in their staff wellbeing

  • seeking to bring greater cohesion to their events

. . whatever business you are in . .

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Netwalking South West offers something

for every business . .

NWSW brings together men & women in business

from various disciplines and across several sectors.  

going beyond the conventional networking model,

enabling you and your business, your groups

and teams,to 'walk & talk' together, sharing

knowledge, experience, questions and ideas . . .

in short, sharing our best practice . .

tel. +44(0)1173779231

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Netwalking South West, offers well organised, structured,

facilitated and guided walks, enabling people, organisations

and businesses to, at its simplest, build those all-important connections, and at it’s more complex, assist groups and teams

to ‘walk and talk’ their way through business challenges

more creatively  

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NWSW is especially interested in working

within organisations that are looking to build bridges

or deepen existing bonds between people.  

Whether within their own departments,

bringing different and diverse departments together,

working with sister organisations or indeed by forging

new links across sectors.


Whatever business we are in,

I am definately of the belief

that as Helen Keller once said,


"Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much."