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1930's women

As Henry David Thoreau said "Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow."

"Walking and networking, two of my favourite things, put together in a beautiful setting.  

A great idea."

Candace Kendal ~ March 13

A very pleasant morning's walk with a like-minded group

of women all ready and willing

to share thoughts, ideas

and problems about their businesses."  

Sally Helvey March 13

"Netwalking is both relaxing and useful. You talk to people whilst walking with them, which seems to encourage deeper conversations. Rosalind's facilitation of the walk makes enough time for everyone to talk and to listen by turns,

so you get to meet lots of people, and to talk about what's happening in your businesses. The fresh air does you good too!"  Simon ~ November Netwalk 13

August Sander's Young Men (courtesy of

' Netwalking yesterday was brilliant. I found the 'walking and talking' method extremely helpful. It enabled me to gain clarity

on certain issues & workshop them with other business people, despite them not being in the same industry.  Being outside in the fresh air (and rain) strips away the 'suits' and lets people

be who they really are' .  

Leila - Cornerstone & Co 'The art of organisation' - 

November Netwalk 13

"Very much enjoyed the netwalk,

despite the rain. I met some lovely and interesting people, as well as doing myself a lot of good by getting out in the fresh air."    

Julie ~ Nov 13

I want to say a big thank you for arranging yesterday walk. I always found talking of difficult subjects easier when walking in a beautiful place but never thought of applying this to business.  Surrounded by beautiful nature all our senses get active and our mind more productive. Netwalking is the way forward. I'll be back again and again.    Wafaa ~ November 13

"I really enjoyed the netwalking experience.

It is a much better way to meet people than frantically exchanging business cards over bacon and eggs (in my opinion of course!) The being outside is important to me

as I do feel it opens up a different kind of thinking and the level of conversation

was so much more developed." Nicola Shelley - Life Coach -  A January Jaunt 14

“I met interesting people in just the right surroundings

our natural woodlands. This was a life-affirming

networking event – it made me feel larger,

rather than smaller”.  

Sarah Bird Vala Publishing -

New Year Netwalk - Jan 14

1940's business women

Netwalking Jan 30th 14 ~ A Blog & Podcast 

from Faye Dicker ~ Bristol Freelance Mum

I've been networking for almost four years in Barcelona, Spain,

and the more I do it, the more I sense this feeling of disappointment. Let's face it: sometimes networking becomes  everything but knowing other entrepreneurs. The fear of showing up ourselves too much,  the stress of making 'a good pitch', the doubts about when to give a card...make the experience somewhat awkward.  As soon as I found Rosalind's Netwalking website I knew it was my cup of tea. After going netwalking today, I'm surprised at how simple and effective it is. It's much more than networking,

its the most innovative way of making new professional contacts

in a relax way, walking across beautiful Bristol, having time to speak

to everybody and listen as well. I wish Rosalind would come to Barcelona!

Patricia A. Pari - Barcelona- Spain -

A March Meander 14

"I very much enjoyed the netwalking event, it was great to meet so many new people, to be outside, feeling healthy and totally at ease striking up conversations with new people. The vibe was somehow different - though we were talking business, it didn’t feel like it. The conversations flowed along with the walk, and the quality of conversations seemed to run deeper. I would recommend netwalking." Julie Kenyon from icopywrite at WOTB Netwalking event - Sept 14

"I thoroughly enjoyed the netwalking session I went on with Rosalind and WOTB.  A refreshing way to meet people, not only was it a great way to network but it also felt like a good healthy thing to do. I have been to a lot of networking events and find they can be awkward, static and difficult to meet and talk to people.  This netwalk completely eradicated any of those issues.  You didn't have to worry about approaching people or what to talk about as all of that was prompted for you which meant you could just concentrate on talking to people and making connections." Kirsty Lovell at Netwalking event with WOTB Sept 14

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