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weather, what to wear and what to carry . .

What to wear?  As your mother might have said,

"sensible shoes" will be the order of the day and as Lauren

and Bogart might testify, hats are always useful . .

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. . of course . . your willingness to join in . .

As the founder of NWSW I often gets asked about the weather and as a woman, whilst I know the old nursery rhyme says "Girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice . . ", I do work on the assumption that we won't melt if it rains . . so we do walk in all weathers, except of course storm conditions were it might be dangerous.

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What to bring? Since we do still walk even if it rains,

a small umbrella if you own one, if its hot, some water, and if its very cold . . perhaps a hot flask, although we will start and finish in a cafe . . and please do bring . .  

' Netwalking yesterday was brilliant. I found the 'walking and talking' method extremely helpful. It enabled me to gain clarity on certain issues & workshop them with other business people, despite them not being in the same industry.  Being outside in the fresh air (and rain) strips away the 'suits' and lets people be who they really are' .  

Leila - Cornerstone & Co 'The art of organisation' - 

November Netwalk 13

tel. +44(0)1173779231

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"I really enjoyed the netwalking experience. It is a much better way to meet people than frantically exchanging business cards over bacon and eggs (in my opinion of course!) The being outside is important to me as I do feel it opens up a different kind of thinking and the level of conversation was so much more developed." 

Nicola Shelley - Life Coach -  A January Jaunt 14