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Netwalking ~ Perfect to get those ideas flowing  



Boost your company productivity by stepping out after lunch

or sign up for A Post Work Wander . . 

packages, bundles & prices

Whatever it is you and your team have to walk out and discuss,

a facilitated walk and talk might be just whats needed,


Here are a few options to get you started . .


The Breakfast Bounce –

Brighten up your breakfast meetings, by taking an hours facilitated ‘walk and talk’ before getting to the office.


The Lunch Time Lick – A 45 minute facilitated ‘walk and talk’

for you and colleagues pre or post lunch . .


Running a conference . . include the 30 minute refresher!


Or perhaps even . . book a regular monthly walk

for dress down Friday, and let that post lunch slump

and drop off in productivity turn into a energising

and creative afternoon to chew over

the issues of the month . .

All bespoke walks by arrangement, group size can be discussed, half and whole day rates negotiable.


So whether it’s a simply a matter of a new team

getting to know each other a bit better

or the complex questions of bringing together

two different departments to work on a knotty issue . .


Whatever the topic, however complex the issue . .


and to avoid that post lunch slump . .

tel. +44(0)1173779231

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Try The Tea Time Trot

1 hour’s facilitated 'walk and talk' 

whatever it is you need to discuss . .




Working with you to design the timing

and the subject matter, Netwalking South West, 

will do the rest!