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notes about this website . . 

The use of vintage imagery on this website 

is intended to lend a light hearted look

and feel both to the website, and to the act

of walking itself, as it alludes to a time

when cars where less prevalent

and walking was not only a common

pastime, but the customary way for most of us

to get from A to B.  As indeed it still is

in many parts of the world still, walking

was the norm and as a result, we were all

a lot healthier for it.


However, NWSW recognises that in using

vintage & period imagery, with the intention

to amuse and bring a lighter touch,

these images do not reflect the multicultural

society we now live in . .


NWSW is committed to inclusivity 

and welcomes all . .

land girls walk out (courtesy of sarah-janedownthe landarmy2_edited1.original
3 cool guys (courtsey of

"I thoroughly enjoyed the netwalking session I went on with Rosalind and WOTB.  A refreshing way to meet people, not only was it a great way to network but it also felt like a good healthy thing to do. I have been to a lot of networking events and find they can be awkward, static and difficult to meet and talk to people.


This netwalk completely eradicated any of those issues.  

You didn't have to worry about approaching people or what to talk about as all of that was prompted for you which meant you could just concentrate on talking to people and making connections."


Kirsty Lovell at Netwalking event with WOTB Sept 14

Images on this site . .

The vintage images

have been collected from various sources over time


The sketches and shadow figures were courtesy of Howard Lewis-Baker from

The Design Orchard.


The rest of the more comporary images on this site where taken by

Rosalind J.Turner

NWSW founder.

“Now shall I walk

or shall I ride?

'Ride,' Pleasure said;

'Walk,' Joy replied.”