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Set up in 2012 by Rosalind J. Turner, Dip Hum Psych

(Leadership, Facilitation & Coaching) offers structured, facilitated guided walks.


Netwalking enables people and businesses to, at its simplest,

build those all-important connections, and at it’s more complex,

assist groups and teams to ‘walk and talk’ their way through complex challenges more creatively  


Offering both in house independent and bespoke netwalks,

the integration of well structured, facilitated and guided walks,

with fresh air and movement thrown into the mix

is a winning combination.


Netwalking South West, helps you to access untapped creative thinking

offering a powerful process for facilitating change,

inside and out . .

Why walking? There is an increasing awareness 

of the links between our general health, well being,

stress levels and our connection with the natural world.  


Spending time outside is known not only to improve

our cognition, it can really improve our health, enhance our overall wellbeing, lower stress levels and especially walking in green spaces.


tel. +44(0)1173779231

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“Now shall I walk or shall I ride?

'Ride,' Pleasure said;

'Walk,' Joy replied.”