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Hopefully this website is designed in such a way that most,

if not all of your questions will be answered across the various pages.  However here is an attempt to pick up the odd one

NWSW may have missed and signpost you to some of the others,

and for the ones that I didn't anticipate, then please email.


Can you tell me more about the walks?


How long are the walks?  


What to wear, what to bring and what about the weather?    


Why women only days?


Who is it for?


What am I paying for?

As the founder of Netwalking South West, Rosalind brings her considerable training, experience and expertise to professionally facilitate each netwalk.  Designing and holding a process appropriate to each group, Rosalind's approach offers both structure and practice, helping to facilitate these 'walk and talks' so the participants get the most out of their experience.  Depending on the topics or issues discussed and to what depth, these netwalks have been likened to a mini business clinic, or as one some participants have described it, a walkshop!


How do I book and how much does it cost?

Booking for the netwalks open to the public is done through eventbrite and purchased online, prices may vary depending on the walk, the location and any particular target group, however regular netwalks scheduled for 2015 are still priced at £10.00 per head or under.  For private, bespoke or conference netwalks please email.

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frequently asked?

Can I bring my dog? 

Woman & dog 1

Sadly no dogs allowed,

   no matter how gorgeous!

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How will it be if I

attend on my own?

The walks are organised

in such a way that you will be paired up with different people throughout so you

will not be on your

own for long  . .

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Will I be listened to?

We encourage active

listening and shared dialogue, as well occasional moments of silence to aid reflection.

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Can I bring my children?

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As much as NWSW loves children . . 

these walks are not suitable for little junior . . however,

following a pilot collaboration with Faye Dicker

from Freelance Mum during June 2014,

Faye is now running her own networking sessions

for freelancers with smalls that include a walk . .

check out what she is doing here.  

fighting fit

Do I need to be

'fighting fit'?

No, however NWSW

does ask that you

can walk two to three miles comfortably at a steady pace . .

tel. +44(0)1173779231

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