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WHAT - freelancers with tots

This is an experimental netwalking event with guest collaborator

Faye Dicker of Freelance Bristol Mum  


Faye is a currently mum to a toddler and now with a brand new baby Suki, and whilst my bundle of joy is now a strapping teenager,

I remember acutely the difficulties I had whilst mum of a baby/toddler; trying to find or create opportunities to discuss work or project related issues, or even finding events I could attend with a toddler in tow.


So . .  as part of the ethos at Netwalking South West is to actively network, and invite guest collaborators to join me to offer a different netwalking experience, Faye and I have put our heads together

to offer this experimental morning.

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WHERE - Meet Ashton Court Stables Courtyard

WHEN - Monday 16th June

Meet 10am ~ to leave at 10.30 prompt til 12.30pm

What we are offering is the opportunity

to 'walk & talk' with other parents in business

whilst also getting out with your pre-schooler.


How will it work?  Well . . to be honest,

we don't know yet, which is why we are

offering this event as a free taster to see

how it might work and of course,

to get your all important feedback.


We recognise that sharing will play a part,

and we anticipate juggling will play

a large part too, though possibly not literally ..

although who knows . .


. . parents with juggling skills most welcome.

We expect there will be some agreements on the best way

to momentarily distract your toddler whilst you as mum or dad

tries to reach the end of your sentence . . and there maybe

the odd muddy knee too, as we take a slow & steady amble

around a corner of the beautiful Ashton Court Estate.


So if you are a freelance mum or dad, then do join us

and if your little one happens to be in childcare that day

and you would still like to come along . . why not book through a friend who is already attending and join in!


This is a free event however you will need to book, please note the separate tickets for tots so we can get a feel for who is coming . . please go here for the various ticket types . .

thank you, and we look forward to walking and talking with you.

faye dicker

Famous for our brownies, our healthy

and superb salads,

not to mention the best burgers in town,


AND ~ we are giving away a delicious pep-you-up treat  

to all on the ‘Freelancers with Tots’ walk!

This Netwalk Sponsored

by Folk House Café


The Folk House Café is an award winning

family friendly cafe in the heart of Bristol

serving freshly made and delicious food

using organic, local and natural ingredients.  


The terrain will be a mixture of gravel tracks, grass and woodland paths of varying gradient . . . however we are not going far we will go at the pace of the slowest and their will be frequent stops . .

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