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Like countless great writers and thinkers, Thoreau recognised

the benefits of walking . . from ancient Greece and Aristotle's Peripatetic School of Philosophy strolling through the covered walkways, through to the great romantic poets such as Wordsworth, Coleridge and Shelley, to John Muir's contemplation's

in wilderness, they all understood that walking,

and especially walking in nature, hones the mind,

a far cry from the increasingly sedentary world

we now inhabit in the 21st century.

THE BIG PICTURE . . As Henry David Thoreau said "Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow."



Netwalking South West began in 2012 following on from several years of research and experimentation by the NWSW founder, Rosalind J.Turner.  It was one of those middle of the night moments . .in the wee small hours the name Netwalking arrived.Incandescent with joy, what a great name! Rosalind virtually leapt out of bed to check it . . and . . yes, it was already out there!  From Yorkshire to Scotland, through the Midlands and across to London . . a number of people were already doing it, but not, in the west country so Netwalking South West was born.

It has been said that sitting has become the smoking

of our generation.

We are currently sitting approximately 9.3 hours a day,

more than we are sleeping at 7.7

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In fact it has been said that . .

So . . considering this . . and the fact that we currently spend . .  

  • More time inside than out.

  • More time static than moving

  • More time in action than in considered reflection

Joining the women's business club Women Outside the Box

in 2013 enabled NWSW to bring the brand to another audience where our collaboration was featured in Bristol Post Business Pages.


It also gave the opportunity to trial a different model Freelancers with Tots, with guest collaborator, Faye Dicker from Freelance Mum.  In fact Faye was so inspired by the idea that she has now set up her own version, you can read her thoughts on networking with children here.

Fast forward to the final months of 2015, NWSW is exploring new pastures with a different collaborations and new offerings . .

see Netwalking Dates 2015 for more info . .