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about netwalking

In addition to bespoke netwalks, NWSW offers in house independant, seasonal and themed walks to help you build

those all important business connections. Often working

in collaboration, these facilitated open netwalks

have been likened to a mini business clinic,

allowing you to explore different aspects of your business.  

An opportunity to discuss your role, your sector,

your business, what's currently working in your field,

and what you might do differently, or need support with.


Netwalking and walking meetings could be the answer

to an increasingly sedentary workforce.  


Our bodies are designed to move, and since the advent

of digital technology, whether at work or at home,

many of us are sitting far more than is good for us,

and this lack of mobility is being recognised

as a potential ticking time bomb.


Netwalking, also a smart move for any business considering

it's sustainablity and carbon footprint, because sustainability

is not just about the latest piece of green technology,

it is also about how sustainable we are as individuals

both personally & professionally.  


NETWALKING, a powerful process for change,

inside and out . .   as Friedrich Nietzsche said,

"All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking."

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Sitting is the smoking of our generation

Netwalking? Attending networking events, inter-department

or shared branch meetings, symposiums or conferences can sometimes be a nerve racking business, all those different approaches, ideas and opinions locked in one room.


Netwalking South West works by encouraging real conversations and dialogue guided and structured by a skilled facilitator, breaking down any barriers and step by step loosening some of the knots . .


Whats different? So many things . . in this less formal setting, as we walk

side by side, in companionship, (as opposed to sat opposite one another,

in opposition) we are more comfortable.  This leads to an easing

of the natural tension that we sometimes feel in a more conventional meeting, training or networking event. Our bodies, in fact, relax . . . the reptilian part of our brain is less likely to go into fight or flight mode, and one might even say at a cellular level, particulaly if we walk in more natural settings, even our cells settle down!


What else?  There are of course a myriad of health benefits from top to toe, one great little short I came across recently was from Dr. Mike Evans called Twenty Three and Half Hours, I throughly recommend it . . ,


What are you paying for?  As the founder of Netwalking South West, Rosalind brings her considerable training, experience and expertise to professionally facilitate each netwalk.  Designing and holding a process appropriate to each group, Rosalind's approach offers both structure and practice, helping to facilitate these 'walk and talks' so the participants get the most out of their experience.  Depending on the topics or issues discussed and to what depth, these netwalks have been likened to a mini business clinic, or as one some participants have described it, a walkshop!

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  • We currently spend more time sitting than sleeping.

  • More time inside than out.

  • More time static than moving

  • More time in action than in considered reflection

We are sitting approximately 9.3 hours a day,

more than we are sleeping at 7.7

"The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved

by the same level of thinking that created them".


Albert Einstein

It doesn't take a room full of health professionals,

philosophers and academics to tell us this isn't going to end well . . whether this is an increasein obesity, a greater risk of heart disease and diabetes not to mention our mental health and wellbeing,

it is simply a matter of common sense, or as Albert said . .