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Rosalind Jane Turner

Dip Hum Psych

Leadership, Facilitation

& Coaching

Through my work with various businesses and organisations, including the renowned Schumacher College, where I work with Satish Kumar, I am continuing to develop this work in a range of directions.  

tel. +44(0)1173779231

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Netwalking South West integrates my love of being outside,

my passion for walking, my interest in how we are as human beings, and especially how can we comunicate well and thus work together, more effectively.

For more information about me please visit . . 

With a background in events design & delivery, the arts, 

specifically ceramics, and latterly, group training and facilitation.  

I began an exploration of various walking ideas during my post graduate study (2006-2008).

What I bring is many years experience of working with groups

in various capacities.  I have been described as passionate,

insightful and a deep thinker.  I try to bring all of myself to this facilitator role,which "sometimes means the clunky bits too".


I aim to lead with authenticity and integrity, following what Mac Macartney from Embercombe calls, 'the twin trail of leadership

~ the inner path of self knowing and the outer path of action

n the world'.  


Working with uniting my experience with the mind/body

connectionthrough my 'walk and talk work, my aim is to weave together these strands that include my warmth, humour,

courage to challenge and my compassion . .and it is these qualities that I aim to bring to all the groups I works with..... it is a work

in progress

"As a skilled group facilitator, Rosalind offers this innovative process to assist groups and teams of all sizes.  Whether it is purely networking you are looking for, building or strengthening connections within a new or existing team, or perhaps working through some complex work challenge that need some out of the box thinking, Rosalind and her netwalking methodology could really be the difference you and your organisation need."

values driven business with a social conscience


'Social entrepreneurs are individuals

with innovative solutions

to society’s most pressing social problems. They are ambitious

and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas

for wide-scale change.'