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about ~ the netwalks

This page offers you a brief overview of the walks

and what to expect . . . for the public & independant mixed & women only netwalks we walk both in Bristol, where I am currently based, and occasionally across other locations throughout the South West.


The length of the walks will vary according to location, theme

and season, however the timing will always be stated in the listed walk.  


Each walk will be slightly different so information about each route and anticipated terrain will be posted on the walk information

for that date and under the heading upcoming walks.


We try to walk whatever the weather unless storm conditions

are forecast.  If a walk is cancelled due to storm conditions

we aim to reschedule, however your booking will automatically

move to the next suitable netwalk.  


All of the walks are structued and facilitated with a particular theme.  Woven into the walk there is time for both reflection on different aspects of your business, in addition to networking.

women, man, and a view man and woman on phones

. . if you are experiencing

           too much of this . .  

. . then Netwalking South West

offers the perfect antidote . . 

Many of the open netwalks can be reached by public transport however where that isn't possible NWSW aims to offer a lift matching service.


In terms of actual numbers, this again may vary between location

and collaboration, currently we walk with no less than 6 netwalkers including us, and up to as many as 26, and occasionally we walk with larger numbers which may then include an extra facilitator.


If you are interested in bringing netwalks to your network,

then do get in get in touch.

"I very much enjoyed the netwalking event, it was great to meet so many new people, to be outside, feeling healthy and totally at ease striking up conversations with new people. The vibe was somehow different -

though we were talking business, it didn’t feel like it. The conversations flowed along with the walk, and the quality of conversations

seemed to run deeper. I would recommend netwalking."

Julie Kenyon from icopywrite at WOTB Netwalking event - Sept 14

"I thoroughly enjoyed the netwalking session I went on with Rosalind and WOTB.  A refreshing way to meet people, not only was it a great way to network

but it also felt like a good healthy thing to do. I have been to allot of networking events and find they can be awkward, static and difficult to meet and talk

to people.  This netwalk completely eradicated any of those issues.  

You didn't have to worry about approaching people or what to talk

about as all of that was prompted for you

which meant you could just concentrate

on talking to people and making connections.


" Kirsty Lovell at Netwalking event

  with WOTB Sept 14

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